What you can find on the website: What COA does, who is currently involved in the work of COA, examples of current initiatives, and access to educational resources related to COA’s work.

Where to begin: The About Us page features our mission, vision, values, goals, and strategies for how we execute on our mission. You will also find bios for members of the COA steering committee. Each steering committee member serves as a connection to a unique segment of different stakeholder communities.

What We Do: COA serves as a connection point for industry professionals, land managers, and elected officials to create positive change in the permitting system for facilitated access to public lands. We amplify the voices of outdoor professionals who utilize public lands, whether that be a non-profit, university program, or volunteer-based club and advocate for changes to improve opportunities. On this page, you will find policy statements issued by COA on matters related to legislation, administrative rulemakings, and other land management proposals. 

The SOAR Act: Since the inception of the SOAR Act, COA (formerly known as the Outdoor Access Working Group) has been collaborating with a broad community of stakeholders and Members of Congress. Check out this article by Steering Committee member Paul Sanford on the history of the SOAR Act. 

How to Get Involved: COA serves as a resource for outdoor industry individuals, land managers, lawmakers, and other interested parties to get involved in current initiatives related to outfitter-guide permitting reform. The COA policy committee holds a monthly standing call that is open to all interested parties. Join the policy committee call by filling out this form

Questions? Great! Send an email to info@accesstheoutdoors.com. We are happy to answer questions, listen to feedback, or hear tales of your experiences on public lands as a guide, outfitter, non-profit, or any other type of organized group.