Matt Wade

Why I’m on the steering committee:
Matt Wade is the Deputy Director for the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA). The AMGA provides training and certification for climbing instructors, mountain guides, and backcountry skiing guides in the United States. Matt works on behalf of the AMGA membership to expand opportunities for the public to access public lands with an instructor or guide. The Coalition for Outdoor Access is important to the work of the AMGA because it provides a nexus point for the AMGA to collaborate with the outdoor industry and the Federal land agencies on initiatives that improve access to public lands. Matt serves the Coalition for Outdoor Access as a member of the steering committee and as co-chair of the policy committee.

Stakeholder group:
The American Mountain Guides Association represents for-profit and non-profit guide services, schools, gyms, and outdoor education institutions that provide rock climbing, mountaineering, and backcountry skiing experiences. The AMGA serves on the COA steering committee as an At-Large member.


The mission of the Coalition for Outdoor Access (COA) is to increase access to public lands for guided outdoor recreation and education activities.